FINRA Customer Arbitrations

Vast Experience – From Many Perspectives

The seasoned securities arbitration and litigation attorneys at West & West have one goal, and only one goal – to use their vast experience, hard work and superior advocacy to help their clients recover their hard earned money to the greatest extent possible. The attorneys at West & West pursue that goal with single-minded focus in their representation of individual investors, retirees, companies and/or company retirement plans, institutional investors, charities, and employee option recipients in matters that call for experienced and dedicated attorneys to seek recovery of investment losses arising from stockbroker fraud, stockbroker negligence, or stockbroker incompetence; breaches of fiduciary duty; or other investment fraud.

What truly sets West & West a part from the pack is the unique perspectives which their varied and vast experience allows them to bring to your case. Most cases involving investment losses are required to be heard by FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitrators (for FAQ regarding the FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitration process please click here). The West & West investment fraud attorneys have unique insight into how the arbitrators deciding your case might be thinking because they have been in their shoes deciding the same types of cases. The West & West securities fraud lawyers have a deep understanding of the machinations and strategies the broker-dealer attorneys may use to defend against your case because they have been in their shoes defending the same types of cases they now bring. The West & West stockbroker fraud attorneys know the same information your stockbroker should know because they have passed the same qualifying examinations as your stockbroker.

Let the stock loss recovery attorneys at West & West, LLC put their experience, work ethic, determination, and superior legal talent to work for you. They have handled hundreds of securities arbitrations involving:

  • Unsuitable Investment Recommendations
  • Failure to Supervise
  • Misrepresentations and Omissions
  • Over-concentration
  • Improper Mutual Fund Switches
  • Exotic Exchange Traded ETFs
  • Commodity Trading
  • Private Placements
  • Churning
  • Margin Abuse
  • Unauthorized Trading
  • Selling Away
  • Inappropriate Annuity Purchases
  • Failure to Execute a Trade
  • Use of Naked Options
  • Ponzi Schemes

The stock market fraud attorneys at West & West represent clients from the greater Baltimore region, the mid-Atlantic region, including, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania, and throughout the country in FINRA arbitration proceedings. If you have lost your life savings and financial security as a result of being victimized by such misconduct, please contact the investment fraud attorneys at West & West, LLC today. Given our vast experience, we can quickly determine the merits of your potential claims. We handle these claims on a contingency basis and offer a free, no obligation initial consultation.

Free, No-Risk Consultation and All Cases on Contingency Basis

When you contact a stock fraud lawyer at West & West, LLC for a free initial consultation, you can count on receiving a case evaluation where you will get an honest assessment of your situation with no obligation and no financial risk to you.

Call West & West, LLC today at 410 296-4655 for the personal attention and vigorous representation of your legal rights you deserve. Please visit their contact us page by clicking here for additional ways to schedule your free initial consultation.