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People commonly bring legal action to contest a will. Inheritance disputes may arise questioning the legality of a will or the trustworthiness of a named personal representative. Family members and friends, including children, stepchildren, and/or former spouses may contest inclusion or exclusion. In other situations, people may wish to challenge the competency of the individual who wrote or executed a will. In the greater Baltimore, Maryland area, the skillful attorneys at West & West have decades of experience in facing each of these scenarios and more through actions involving:

  • Claims of fraud or malfeasance by a personal representative or trustee
  • Challenges to the valuation or distribution of assets
  • Actions to save or recover assets
  • Actions to replace a personal representative or trustee
  • Actions alleging the exercise of undue influence

Whether a particular matter involves an emotionally charged dispute between family members or a united front by family members to rescue assets from an outsider who may have tried to take advantage of a loved one, the experienced probate litigation attorneys at West & West help clients prioritize all of the difficult variables involved in such matters to enable them to embark upon the course of action that best meets all of their interests.

If litigation becomes the chosen course of action, serving as a knowledgeable guide through the process of litigating estate disputes is another area where West & West, LLC gives clients the edge with a wealth of experience in addressing the important issues in contesting a will or trust:

  • Potential duress or fraud when the will or trust was established
  • Competency claims at the time the will or trust was executed
  • Other fact-specific bases to challenge the validity of the will or trust
  • Identification of creditor claims
  • Tax issues

Individuals and families facing estate dispute litigation can benefit from the skilled attorneys at West & West, LLC. Serving the greater Baltimore, Maryland area and beyond, they also bring their experience in the related processes of estate planning and probate and estate administration to bear in each probate litigation case. Clients get a comprehensive perspective and an assertive, skilled team focused on prosecuting and protecting their best interests

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West & West, LLC lawyers understand how sensitive estate dispute lawsuits between family members can become. As such, they strive to handle each case with the compassion every client deserves.

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