Maritime Injury Lawyer Maryland

Experienced Baltimore, Maryland Admiralty and Maritime Law Attorneys

The admiralty and maritime law attorneys at West & West, LLC have an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience gained at the top admiralty and maritime law firms in both Baltimore, Maryland and New York City. With the Port of Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay close by, the admiralty attorneys at West & West, LLC have a long history of utilizing their extensive maritime law expertise to handle maritime and admiralty law matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants related to:

Personal Injury and Death Claims

Their familiarity with the Jones Act, The Longshoremen’s Act, and general maritime law allow them to offer knowledgeable guidance in the prosecution and defense of lawsuits involving accidents ranging from vessel collisions to serious injuries occurring both at sea and ashore in and around vessel operations.

Cargo Damage

If goods or products are damaged during shipment it takes an experienced lawyer who knows the ins and outs of applicable statutory regimes such as the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA) to help determine liability and whether compensation is due.

Charter Parties and Charter Disputes

As maritime injury lawyers Maryland residents rely on our team at West & West, LLC are experienced in all aspects of charter parties and charter party dispute resolution mechanisms such as the Society of Maritime Arbitrators in New York and can apply this experience to work to resolve issues between ship-owners and those chartering their vessels.

Vessel Arrests

Whether you are owed a significant debt and need to arrest a ship at a moment’s notice or your vessel has just been wrongfully arrested and you need the vessel to be released and back to her voyage as quickly as possible, the lawyers at West & West, LLC have been involved in countless arrests on both sides and can work to expeditiously resolve your situation.

Immigration Issues

When stowaways or illegal aliens arrive on a ship sailing in from a foreign country, the U.S Immigration Service gets involved, and it takes an experienced law firm to deal with these complex matters.

Customs Issues

When the necessary legal paperwork is not in order or fees have not been properly paid for incoming shipments, the lawyers at West & West can work promptly to deal with any delays or holds on your cargo.

Oil Spills and Other Environmental Issues

Pollution due to an oil spill or discharge of other pollutants from a vessel can have a wide impact, crossing several legal jurisdictions and triggering numerous legal and regulatory problems. The attorneys at West & West, LLC provide the guidance to resolve these complex issues effectively and efficiently.

Contact a knowledgeable Baltimore, Maryland admiralty and maritime law attorney at West & West, LLC who will draw upon deep experience and knowledge to represent your interests with the utmost diligence and superior advocacy.